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Employment Information on our Cleaning Jobs

At Star Facility Services we always in search for positive, energetic and dependable individuals who are passionate about tidiness, cleanliness, punctuality, and take pride in their work. Each member of a Star Facility Services team plays an important role, crucial to the success of Star Facility Services and the satisfaction of our customers. Many team members have been promoted to Supervisors. There are a number of positions available in each Star Facility Services office, please visit our job posting page to apply.

Few of the positions, we hire frequently for, are as featured below:


Contractor shall provide suitable and adequate supervisory staff. The supervisors shall have the capability to organize and motivate the staff, distribute workload evenly and handle the staff to maximize productivity. Supervisor must attend the site weekly and conduct a walk-through with the Star Facility Services building operations representative.

Supervisor’s Responsibilities:

  • Report directly to Star Facility Services Operations Department via the cleaning log book.
  • Completion of building walk through submitted the quality control forms, a copy of which will be submitted to Star Facility Services Operations Department monthly or as required.
  • Ensure that policies and procedures of the building management are strictly adhered to.
  • Be directly responsible to Star Facility Services for the routine cleaning, policing assignments and project work.
  • Provide necessary training, supervision and inspections of the routine cleaning assigned to his/her area.
  • Experienced and capable in a supervisory capacity.


This individual oversees their given shift and area of responsibility.

  • Reporting directly to the not supervisor and daily basis.
  • Ensure that regular and project work is completed.
  • In part responsible for the safety of others in their area of work and for reporting hazards that could result in a dangerous condition causing the possibility of an accident or fire.

The Foreperson will be directly responsible to the Supervisor, duties require the performance of cleaning task and routing work decisions independently, following established work methods and schedule. The Foreperson supervises a group or crew of subordinates engaged in routine work. Foreperson will be responsible for monitoring stock levels of paper products and supplies in washrooms, kitchens and coffee stations and levels of cleaning supplies in janitor storerooms, and issuing requisitions for supplies and equipment the Star Facility Services operations in a proactive and timely manner. He/she will also perform as instructor for much on-job-training conducted within his/her term or crew.

Light Duty

Light duty personnel are involved primarily in the following duties: Dusting, emptying of waste paper receptacles and small recycles paper bins to designated area. Removing of finger marks and smudges, cleaning of washrooms; light vacuuming when necessary. Light Duty person does not polish floors, or as a rule, vacuum carpets.

Light Duty Vacuum personnel are solely responsible for all vacuuming requirements, both traffic area and detail vacuum work.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty personnel are primarily responsible for all flooring floor stripping; floor polishing; and general heavy duty work (garbage and large bin recycle paper collections, to designated storage).

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Working with us is a great idea – and there are lots of advantages that come along with your regular salary.

Establishing a financial footprint is one of them.

When you are paid by Star Facility Services with a pay cheque (rather than cash), you are actually creating credit history – and building a credit rating.

This is most important when it comes to doing almost anything that involves monetary agreements, such as renting an apartment, getting a credit card or being approved for a mortgage.

A self-employed cleaner who gets paid cash for the work he or she does (this is called getting paid “under the table”), is in a completely different situation. That cleaner cannot establish a financial history or easily apply for financial products. In many cases it’s also against the law. Everyone who earns over a certain amount of money must pay taxes on that money.

Working with Star Facility Services allows you to establish a sound foundation for your financial future.

Go to Star Facility Services Job Postings and Apply

Career Benefits

Are you a friendly, self-starter who likes to clean and take pride in your work? Join our team of professionals at Star Facility Services! Team members find the flexibility in their hours, competitive wages and a fun working environment some of the best reasons to start a career with Star Facility Services.

Benefits include:

  1. Competitive wages
  2. Transportation to and from home provided for team members
  3. Paid training
  4. A fun working environment
  5. Recognition programs
  6. Opportunity for advancement
  7. On call or casual positions may be available

Our Commitment to You


Training is an important part of your Star Facility Services work experience and starts as soon as you join the Star Facility Services team. With our paid, hands-on training, you will learn an efficient cleaning system that has helped provide industry leading service to millions of Canadian customers.

In addition to learning ‘The Star Facility Services Way’ of cleaning and our ongoing training, as a Star Facility Services team member, you will learn effective teamwork skills, leadership, communication, responsibility and time management helping you to develop your full potential. Go to Star Facility Services Job Postings and Apply

A Fun Working Environment

Star Facility Services offers a fun, fast-paced work environment. Your enthusiasm, personality and individuality will shine as you spend time with your team members day-to-day and make new friends at different organized group events such as parties and meetings. Go to Star Facility Services Job Postings and Apply

Recognition Programs

Star Facility Services provides an environment where your contributions matter and are appreciated. Competitive wages are only part of what we have to offer. Star Facility Services provides ongoing recognition and rewards for your hard work and performance. Milestone anniversaries are recognized and Star Facility Services Day is a special day held each year to say thank you to team members for their dedication. Go to Star Facility Services Job Postings and Apply

Health and Safety

The Star Facility Services Green Housekeeping Program includes the use of proven bio-based, environmentally preferable green cleaning solutions which have been designed for the health and safety of our staff, our customers and to protect the environment.

There are a number of positions available in each Star Facility Services office, if you’re thinking of joining a different kind of team, with a different kind of company please submit an employment application or apply to a specific job posting – Go to Star Facility Services Job Postings and Apply

Star Facility Services Home Service Professionals are trained to clean effectively with these plant based products to eliminate the harmful effects of traditional cleaning solutions.

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