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Our Industry: Who Are We Work With

We recognize and give top priority when working with these industries. Working with Site Managers, Floor and Production Managers and Occupational Health and Safety teams, Star Facility Services trained professionals meet and exceed workplace standards in industrial locations across Canada.  We hold advanced training, knowledge and accreditation as an industry based assurance that our Health and Safety programs exceed basic requirements for operating in industrial environments.

Health Care
Our leadership in health care cleaning starts with both our cleaning capacity and our critical investments in our environmental cleaning knowledge base.  From our knowledge, expertise and certifications we have developed expertise in providing infection and cross-contamination control cleaning for health care facilities.  We are compliant with all current standards, regulations and practices and have customized cleaning programs which are used to clean hospitals and clinics across Canada.


With more than 35 years of team experience in commercial cleaning and maintenance, Star Facility Services works with property managers, building owners and facility managers to develop programs to suit the location, budget, cleaning and maintenance needs of commercial properties.  We are Canada’s leading service provider to AAA standard office towers in Canada and consider ourselves to be industry innovators in the application of green building cleaning and environmental cleaning programs.


Venue Management
Star Facility Services client roster includes some of Canada’s major conference centers and sports and entertainment venues.  At Star Facility Services, we understand our role in a successful guest management experience, we have an experienced understanding of the complexities of managing cleaning programs through the ebb and flow use of event venues.  Our cleaning teams have been mobilized to support various international events requiring the utmost attention to privacy and security, National sporting events requiring rapid and specialized cleaning support and specialized conferences requiring unique and customized cleaning services.


Technology, Telecommunications and Research
Together with our clients, Star Facility Services stringently develops and applies protocols and best practices for service provision in these sensitive and specialized environments. Our security-cleared, experienced crews understand the critical importance and the precision requirements of our clients’ bonded physical environments.  We provide cleaning and special project support to some of the largest telecommunications companies across the country.


Banking & Financial Services
Star Facility Services enhanced security-cleared cleaning staffs are Canada’s largest cleaning service providers to Banks and other financial institutions. We clean many banks across Canada on a daily basis providing specialized services that are compliant with the confidential and secure nature of the financial sector.  No other cleaning company in Canada can match our experience, expertise or confidence in understanding the needs of retail and commercial banking.  Our financial sector services include janitorial, landscaping and snow management all supported by a customized online reporting capacity that allows our client’s real-time access to our schedules service activities.


Airports and Aviation
As an value added service provider to airports and aviation businesses in Canada, Star Facility Services understands the complexity of the airport environment, its security requirements, the regulations governing its public and private spaces and its need for rapid response and absolute consistency in cleaning and maintenance. We provide a full spectrum of cleaning and maintenance services (inclusive of cart management) needed to create a safe, healthy airport environment while continuing to build Canada’s reputation as home to some of the most respected and well managed airports in the world.


Schools, Colleges and Universities
Cleaning programs in a learning environment have to be flexible, consistent and thorough.  As a primary cleaning contractor to some of the most respected Universities, Schools, and Colleges in Canada, our experience in working with learning bodies is unparalleled.  We are proud of our unique ability to provide APPA level cleaning to our post-secondary clients.


In a mall setting, where customers and staff spend many hours, each area needs to live up to the highest standards of cleanliness, health and safety and presentation.  Our approach to caring for your physical environment is based on the integration of the physical space with the customers’ experience inside the facility.  Ultimately, our role in cleaning public and food areas supported by matron and porter services is a critical part of the financial success of a retail operation.


Our innovation and expert knowledge base in transportation servicing across Canada means that our team is able to support a cleaning program for traditional and unique transportation infrastructure.  We currently provide services to passenger and vehicle ferries, bus depots, buses, trains and multi-hub transportation shelters.  We are sensitive to new and evolving security requirements required to ensure our clients’ infrastructure is secure and we provide both security and cleaning support as part of our transportation cleaning programs.


Star Facility Services is a reliable industrial cleaning services provider in all across Canada. We have a more than 20 years’ experience in the field of manufacturing and industrial cleaning janitorial services.
We provide you cost effective manufacturing cleaning services to a variety of industries. It you have an industrial business like factories, warehouses and manufacturing companies so you need a professional industrial cleaning services for providing clean and sate working place for your team. Industrial cleaning services require more skillful approach and training. Safety is our main concern for manufacturing cleaning services. We are able to fulfill your needs and customize it as per your specifications, with cost effective manner.


Star Facility Services understands the pressure involved in a retail and commercial construction projects, and is committed to making the transition as easy as possible. Our cleaning team has been involved in major construction assignments.
No matter what the size of the challenge, Star Facility Services staff takes great care to work with the utmost professionalism and to ensure all we comply with all safety guidelines.
A Star Facility Services supervisor is always present to supervise the team and make sure all of the procedures and duties are being fulfilled. Star Facility Services offers multiple services when it comes to construction and is happy to customize to your needs.
Our Construction Cleanup Services includes:
– Removal of debris
– Complete dust removal (walls, windows, doors, floors, furniture)
– Common area
– Exterior roof cleaning
– Complete floor care
– Complete carpet care
– Pressure washing


Star Facility Services offers both contract and on-demand cleaning and janitorial services with the flexibility and resources to provide service according to your schedule without ever having to inconvenience your staff or your facility visitors. Star Facility Services provides trusting, reliable, insured and bonded cleaning and janitorial services to various government offices and buildings across Canada. From municipal and provincial to federal facilities, Star Facility Services can meet all your needs.
Some of facilities covered by us:
• Municipal facilities
• Government Centers
• Federal offices
• Provincial offices


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